In line with the Saudi Dental Society’s dedication towards elevating the level of dental medicine
and profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are delighted to announce
the establishment of a new club, the Saudi Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Club (SOMFR) which
is a professional group with the vision of bringing together OMF radiologists, dental
professionals and students. We welcome you to join the club by registering through the link below.

SOMFR Club Mission

Its mission is in alignment with that of Saudi Dental Society and aims to:
1. Bridge the gap between OMFR and the various fields of dentistry by
providing updates on the latest developments in OMFR and their impact on
2. Provide training in the application of imaging in the various dental specialties.
3. Provide continuing education in OMFR
4. Provide a forum for OMF radiologists and dental professionals to share
information and develop channels for research collaboration.
5. To promote the art and science of OMFR and, thus, the maintenance and improvement of the
community’s oral & dental health.

SOMFR Club Objectives

The achievement of the aims of the club is through:
1. Periodic live webinars consisting of presentations given by active SOMFR members or
invited speakers.
2. Yearly symposium in affiliation with Saudi Dental Society annual conference.
3. Continuing education courses and hands-on workshops held in different regions of the
country, and in association with Saudi Dental Society annual conference.

SOMFR Club Registration

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