Mission of Suadi Dental Association
Promotion of and diffusion of interest in dentistry, promotion of scientific researching and publishing in the fields of mouth and dental surgery, and establishing a closer relationship among those working in this field on the local, Arab, Islamic and international levels. The Society seeks to achieve such purposes in the following ways:

  1. Encouraging scientific research in the various fields of dentistry,specially those related to local environment.
  2. Encouraging scientific publishing in the fields of dentistry by means of publishing a scientific journal of an international standard
  3. Organizing scientific seminars and conferences for the purpose of exchanging scientific information and upgrading the scientific knowledge of those working in the field of dentistry.
  4. Providing technical consultation in the areas of specialty of its members to those agencies requesting such consultation in the Kingdom.
  5. Diffusing awareness of and interest in mouth and dental hygiene in the Kingdom.
  6. Establishing a closer relationship among those working or interested in the area of dentistry in the Kingdom by means of providing them with the opportunity of becoming members of the Society; and organizing journeys and social activities for the benefit of such individuals inside and outside the Kingdom.

In addition to the above, the current active members of the Saudi Dental Society are 3,088. The Society has 13 representatives from other Regions of the Kingdom to cater the needs of the members who would like to reactivate their membership and also for those who would like to apply for new membership. There are 12 Clubs affiliated with the Society namely: Saudi Oral Diagnosis and Medicine Club; Saudi Prosthetics and Dental Implant Club; Saudi Orthodontic Club; Saudi Endodontic Club; Saudi Pediatric Dentistry Club; Saudi Periodontal Club; Saudi Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Club; Saudi Dental Public Health Club; Saudi Club for Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry; Saudi Dental Technology Club; Dental Informatics and Practice Management Club and Saudi Dental Assistant and Hygienist Club.

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