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Shall be granted to those selected by the Society among those who have rendered physical or moral services to the Society or participated in upgrading its areas of interest inside and outside the Kingdom. Honorary members shall be selected by decision of the general assembly based upon the nomination of the Board of Administration. Honorary members shall be exempted from the requirement of paying registration and subscription fees.

The honorary member may attend the sessions of the general assembly and the meetings of the general assembly’s committee and of various other committees of the Society and he may take part in the discussions but shall not have a vote in the Society’s decisions or elections.

Working Membership

Working membership may be enjoyed by all those who satisfy the membership requirements set forth in Article Five and who are university graduates in the field of dentistry and dental surgery. Working members should be residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Conditions and Procedures of Membership

Members of the Society shall satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Members of the Society should have a good conduct and reputation and never before sentenced for having committed an immoral or indecent crime.
  2. Members should pay the registration and annual subscription fees determined by the Society.
  3. Those individuals wishing to become working or associate members should submit an application form to the Society.
  4. Applications for working membership should be recommended by two working members of the Society.
  5. Applications for working and associate membership shall be submitted first to the Society’s Board of Administration and applications shall be accepted only after the Board’s decision is issued in this regard. Applicants of membership shall be notified of the decision that the board has taken regarding his application.
Termination of Membership

The society’s membership shall be terminated in the following cases:

  1. Withdrawal or decease of members.
  2. Members not any longer satisfying one or more conditions of membership.
  3. Members who delay paying the annual subscription in due time for up to one year. In this case, membership shall only be abrogated after the member is notified of the necessity of paying subscription fees and the implications of not paying such fees. Notification shall be sent in the three last months of the said year.
  4. If members engage in any activities that may financially or morally prejudice the Society; in this case, abrogation of membership should be preceded by an investigation conducted by the Board of Administration, leading to establishing evidence of the member’s responsibility for such activities.

In all the above mentioned cases stipulated in this article, with the exception of a deceased member, membership shall only be terminated according to a decision issued by the Board of Administration. The member whose membership is being terminated shall be notified within two weeks from the date of issue of the decision in this regard. In all cases, the members shall not be granted a refund for any advanced registration fees, subscription fees, grants or any other contributions that he may have paid to the Society.


Membership Reinstatement
Membership may be reinstated to the member who lost it for the reason stipulated in paragraph C of Article 6 by decision of the Board of Administration after payment of overdue fees or subscription fees for three years, whichever is the least.
SDS Membership Requirements Dentist / D. Assistant / Hygienist / Tech.

1. Copy of Graduation Certificate or

2. Copy of License card (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties)


1. Copy of College ID Card

SDS Membership Fees:
SDS Membership Fees:
New Member Renewal
Dentist SR 250 SR 200
D.Assistant SR 150 SR 100
D.Hygienist SR 150 SR 100
D.Technician SR 150 SR 100
D.Student SR 150 SR 100
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